Prof. Dr.-Ing Gerhard WILDE

University of Münster, Münster, Germany, EU

* 1966
Married, one Daughter (born 1987)

Scientific Career
1985 Abitur, Maximilian-Kolbe Gymnasium in Cologne (Köln), Germany

1985 – 1986 Military Service at III. Fernmeldekorps 330 (Lance Corporal)

1986 – 1992 Studies of Physics (major in Solid-State Physics), University of Cologne (Köln), Germany

1992 – 1993 Diploma in Physics, thesis done at the University of Cologne and the German Aerospace Research Agency (DLR)

1993 – 1994 Project Scientist within the Euro-Russian Space mission EUROMIR

1994 – 1997 PhD studies at the Technical University (TU) Berlin, Germany

1997  Dr. Ing. in Materials Science (Prof. H.J. Fecht), TU Berlin, Germany

1997 - 1999 Feodor-Lynen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Materials Science (Prof. Dr. J.H. Perepezko)

1999 - 2001 Senior Researcher, Research Center Karlsruhe, Nanostructured Materials Group (Prof. Dr. H. Gleiter)

2001 – 2004 Emmy-Noether Fellowship of the DFG, Research Center Karlsruhe and University of the Saarland

2004 – 2006 Group leader, Research Center Karlsruhe and Lehrstuhlvertreter at University of the Saarland

Since 2006 University Professor W3 (University of Münster); Director of the Institute of Materials Physics

Since 2007 Scientific Member of the Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech), Münster.

Awards and Honors
1997 Feodor-Lynen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

2001 Emmy-Noether Fellowship of the DFG

2003 Fellowship within the „Excellent Young Leaders“-program of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe

2004 Fellowship of the Präsidialfonds der Helmholtzgemeinschaft

Since 2007 „Overseas“-Professor, Anna University, Chennai, India

2009 Guest Professor, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

2009 Guest Professor, CNRS and University of Rouen, Rouen, France

2010 CSIR-Humboldt Research Award 2010 for lifetime scientific achievements

2011 - 2016 Honorary Professor at the University of Hyderabad, India

Several instances “Outstanding reviewer of the year” – Award of Scripta Materialia and Acta Materialia Member: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG), Materials Research Society (MRS), The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), American Ceramic Society, Member of AK “Nichtkristalline Strukturen” of the DKG, Founding Member of the “Center for Functional Nanostructures, (CFN)”, Scientific Member of the Center of Nanotechnology (CeNTech)

Scientific Output
190 scientific publications
320 conference contributions
110 invited lectures for scientific colloquia (incl. plenary- and invited lectures)

Scientific Interests
Phase equilibria in nanostructured materials
Plasticity of ultrafine grained and nanostructured materials
Relaxation, shear banding and nucleation in metallic glasses
Atomic mobility and transport at nanostructured interfaces
Analysis of lattice defects and interfaces with high resolution electron microscopy
Surface Nanostructuring with ultrathin alumina membranes

Professional Involvements
Reviewer for different journals, including: Scripta Materialia, Acta Materialia, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Nature Materials, Science, Advanced Engineering Materials, Materials Science and Engineering, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Journal of Physics – Condensed Matter, etc.
Reviewer for DFG (both for proposals within the “Normalverfahren” and for SFBapplications), DAAD (selection committee) and AvH
Reviewer for different European funding agencies, including funding applications from: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia.

Five Important Publications
1. Lei, Y., Cai, W.P. and Wilde, G.: Highly ordered nanostructures with tunable size, shape and properties: a new way to surface nano-patterning with a non-lithographic method.Prog. Mater. Sci., 52 (2007) 465-539.

2. Rösner, H., Boucharat, N., Padmanabhan, K.A., Markmann, J., Wilde, G.: Strain mapping in a deformation-twinned nanocrystalline Pd grain. Acta Mater., 58 (2010), 2610-2620.

3. Bokeloh, J., Rozas, R.E., Horbach, J., Wilde, G.: Nucleation Barriers for the Liquid-To-Crystal Transition in Ni: Experiment and Simulation. Phys. Rev. Lett., 107 (2011) 145701 - 1-5.

4. Bokeloh, J., Reglitz, G., Divinski, S.V., Wilde, G.: Tracer Measurements of Atomic Diffusion inside Shear Bands of a Bulk Metallic Glass. Phys. Rev. Lett., 107 (2011) 235503 – 1-5.

5. Rösner, H., Kübel, C., Ivanisenko, Y., Kurmanaeva, L., Divinski, S.V., Peterlechner, M., Wilde, G.: Strain mapping of a triple junction in nanocrystalline Pd. Acta Mater., 59 (2011) 7380–7387.