LESŇÁK Michal VSB - Technical University

Magnetic Field Source with Halbach Permanent Magnets Configuration

Co-authors PIŠTORA Jaromír, ŽEŽULKA Václav, STRAKA Pavel, CIPRIAN Dalibor

The paper is devoted to the modeling of strong magnetic fields generated by rare-earth permanent magnets by finite-element analysis. We have designed a parallel Halbach NdFeB magnet arrays to amplify the flux density in the gap between arrays. This approach envolves to magnify the value of magnetic flux density over 60 %. The theoretical results have been compared with experiments based on N-45 (Br = 1.354 T) magnets blocks composed of three permanent magnet segments. The distribution of magnetic flux has been analyzed in vertical and horizontal direction, respectively. In the midle of 20 mm gap the magnetic flux density of 1.17 T has been achieved. The theoretical and experimental results deviations are in the frame of 5%.