PODJUKLOVÁ Jitka VSB - Technical University

Effect of Size Clay Particles on Functional Properties of Vitreous Enamel Coats

Co-authors HRABOVSKÁ Kamila, LANÍK Tomáš, ŠRUBAŘ Petr, SUCHÁNKOVÁ Kateřina, KOPAŇÁKOVÁ Sylvie

Vitreous enamel coats are glassy inorganic coatings created on metal substrate by the process of burning at temperature above 800 °C. We can use this coating in assorted engineering. Creating a compact enamel coat (without faults which would penetrate to the foundation metal and damage the compactness of the enamel) is the essential precondition for using its functional properties. Most important inorganic components at production of these coatings are clay and vitreous fritted glass. Using of different grain size of these components has influence on final quality of coating. A contribution deal about comparison of brittle-fracture properties of glass ceramics coatings, created by the help of inorganic components in ordinarily used size and inorganic components grinded to nano-size.