Comparison of Mechanical Properties of P91 Steel Depending on Temperature and Annealing Time of Degradation

Co-authors SVOBODOVÁ Marie, HÁJKOVÁ Pavlína, UZEL Josef

Presented paper regards devoted to checking the properties of weld joints of steel P91 considering heat affected zone. Similar welds of P91 steel were subjected to isothermal heat exposure at 650° C for 650, 1000, 2007, 5000 and 10 000 hrs. The main focus was to examine the mechanical properties of weld joins using hardness and tensile tests. Tensile tests were carried out at temperatures of 20, 600 and 650 ° C of welded joints after PWHT and as- exposed to isothermal endurance during 10 000 hrs. Also, hardness was measured at three levels, i.e. in the center and near both surfaces. The aim was to determine the relationship between hardness and strength of the welds.