Study of the Hard Facing Alloys. Hard Phases Obtained in Nickel Based Alloys.

Co-authors LEBAILI Soltan

This work concerns the study of the solidification and the influence of the contents raised in element of additions on the nature, the microstructures and the morphologies of the hard phases obtained in the Nickel hardfacing alloys. At first, we elaborated alloys with nickel, the composition of which varies in elements of additions. Then we are interested by the study of the solidification sequences of alloys by differential thermal analysis (ATD) , also we are interested by the physical-chemical and mechanical characterization these hard phases obtained in different conditions of solidification. In another part of this work, we undertook a correlation between the chemical composition of alloys, the nature of the phases and the mutual solubility of elements. Seen the complexity of this poly constituted system and poly phased and in the vast range of studied alloys, the results obtained show that the slightest variation, increase or the decrease of the content of the addition elements of (B, C, Si Cr, W. Mo and Ti) can make up over the poly phased balance studied from a system to the other one and divert so the road of solidification of the alloy.