HORNÍK Jakub ICT in Prague

Recrystallization Behaviour of Steels SA-508 and 3,5Ni-1,5Cr

Co-authors ZUNA Petr, JANDOŠ František, ANISIMOV Evgeniy

Steel SA-508 (20MnMoNi5-5) and 3,5Ni-1,5Cr are bainitic weldable steels using for many applications, especially for heavy forgings like pressure vessels for nuclear reactors or big shafts. Austenite graingrowth and recrystallization behavior were evaluated in typical interval of forging temperatures (850 - 1200) °C. The grain coarsening is evident above the temperature of 1100 °C. Recrystallization inhibition is evident under the temperature of 900 °C. Undesirable extreme grain coarsening in case of sufficient deformation was not observed.