GREGER Miroslav VSB - Technical University

Magnesium Alloys Die Forgings for Automotive Applications

Co-authors KANDER Ladislav

The paper presents an investigation on the effect of process variables and material condition on forgeability of magnesium wrought alloys of Mg-Al-Zn group, AZ31, AZ61 and AZ91. The experimental work includes studies of forging capabilities of the alloys in closed-die forging at hot and warm-working temperatures. Forging tests are performed for material both in as-cast and as-worked condition, for two variants of workpiece geometry. The different variants of the workpiece indicated fracture-related problems in forging magnesium alloys in the warm-working temperature regime, which involved interaction between material condition and process variables, and state of stress. By means of numerical calculations it was concluded, that in addition to material condition, a favourable stale of stress, provided by a closed-die, can greatly improving the forgeability of magnesium alloys in the warm-working range.