GREGER Miroslav VSB - Technical University

Equal Channel Angular Pressing 6082 Aluminum Alloy

Co-authors MAŠEK václav

An apparatus for verification of Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) technique was installed at the VŠB-TU and it was used for investigation of influence of deformation on development of structure and mechanical properties. Microstructural development of aluminium alloy 6082 during ECAP pressing was investigated to understand the mechanisms of grain refinement and strain accommodation. The samples were extruded at room temperature. Cross-section of original samples was 20 x 20 mm and their length was 110 mm. Deformation forces were measured during extrusion, resistance to deformation was calculated and deformation speed was determined approximately. Analysis of structure was made with use of light microscopy and SEM. Mechanical properties of samples after extrusion were determined by tensile test and by so called penetration test.