OLSZAR Miroslav Třinecké železárny, a.s.

Classification and Standardization of the Structure and Grain Size of Bulk Metal Materials

Co-authors OLSZAR Martin, CHWISTEK Gustav

In the 21 century there was an extreme development of nanotechnology, not only in basic and applied research, but especially in manufacturing sector. From these considerations it is necessary to establish precise definitions of basic terms used with regard to applied materials, their structure and size, taking into account their areas of impact, application and use. Sale of products that do not have an incorporated nano-grain and sub-micro-grain structure, nano-particles or are derived therefrom, can not do without standards. The customer in most cases wants a certificate of delivered production on the ground that these are new and unknown facts. The certificate can not be created without standardization of parameters, processes, product use and safety or standards. The further development of research in this area is not possible without standardization of size of grains, which have an impact on increasing the strength and plasticity, change the mechanism of plastic deformation and affect the magnetic properties and the related parameters of materials by ultra-fine, sub-micro-grain or nano-grain structure.