STRÁSKÝ Josef Charles University in Prague

Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Bicompatiblity in Vitro of Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr Alloy with Small Fe and Si Additions

Co-authors HARCUBA Petr, KOPOVÁ Ivana, BAČÁKOVÁ Lucie, JANEČEK Miloš

Beta titanium alloys are promising materials for load bearing orthopeadic implants for their excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, low elastic modulus and moderate strength. The effect of Fe and Si additions to Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr biocompatible alloy on mechanical properties and bicompatiblitiy in vitro was investigated. Small amounts of Fe (0-2%) and Si (0-1%) were added to this alloy to enhance its strength. Six compositionally different alloys were prepared by vacuum arc melting, hot forging and beta solution treatment. Fe additions and also Si additions cause an increase in microhardness, but the most pronounced increase is achieved by utilizing additions of both alloying elements. Coarse and fine silicide particles were observed using SEM. These particles cause finer microstructure of the alloys with Si additions. Tensile properties at room and elevated temperature and formability of the alloys were also investigated. Finally, in-vitro cell adhesion and proliferation tests in static culture medium proved high biocompatibility of all alloys with no deteriorative effect of Fe and Si additions.