ŻABA Krzysztof AGH University of Science of Technology

Deformability of Strips of Nickel Superalloys Intended for Shell Elements of Aircrafts

Co-authors Maciej NOWOSIELSKI, Michal KWIATKOWSKI, Marcin HOJNY

Investigations presented in the hereby paper concern technological assessments of plasticity and limiting deformability of strips made of various grades of nickel superalloys intended for complex shell elements of aircrafts. Exceptionally unfavourable relations between technological properties of the initial material and shapes of products justify the necessity of creating the new practical knowledge, indispensable in the process of shaping elements of the required exploitation properties. In addition, there are certain limitations due to a low plasticity and a high intensity of its loosing because of deformations of nickel superalloys. Elastic effects occurring during the shaping procedure require an application of additional operations making use of relaxation effects. In order to determine the formability of strips the investigations of their mechanical properties and flat and normal anisotropy were performed. Tests of bending at single angle to estimate the springing angle, drawability tests by the Erichsen’s method were made and the limiting drawability degree. Investigations were realized in room temperature. The obtained results constitute the database necessary for the mathematical modelling of the determined structure elements applied in aircrafts.