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Influence of Lubricants on the Wear Resistance of Aluminized Steel Strip

Co-authors NOWOSIELSKI Maciej, MADEJ Marcin, Kita Pawel

Aluminized steel strips due to their properties, strength and plasticity, warranted by the base material as well as corrosion resistance guaranteed by the coating, found applications in many industrial sectors, among others in building, motorization, heat engineering, household appliances production. An essential feature, still limiting the application of such strips and their products, is a low abrasion resistance of the Al-Si coatings in contact with forming tools as well as with external factors influencing the coating during the exploitation. Thus, the application of the proper lubricating-cooling medium during plastic treatment of such strips seems obvious. The article presents a properly planned and designed tests of abrasive wear resistance of aluminized (Al-10%Si) steel in friction conditions involving various lubricants. Research is focused on the effects and relationships, enabling selection of the best lubricant for its use in industrial environments. For tests three lubricants of Orlen Oil Company were selected. For a comparative tests were made also without the use of lubricants. For abrasion tests was used tester T-05. The counter samples used for test were made from tool steel NC06. The results shown by the graphs the force of friction, wear depth and temperature of the sample as a function of test time and average friction force, maximum force wear, friction coefficient, mass decrement sample and mass decrement or mass increment counter-samples depending on lubricants used for tests