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A Paneuropean Projects for the Thermal Testing of the Materials

Co-authors STRNAD Radek

This paper will describe the projects started (and anticipated) in the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP). Czech Metrology Institute (CMI) is an active EMRP partner in solving problems in various fields. Department of Thermal Properties, mostly focusing on the temperature measurements, is involved in 4 EMRP project, deals with construction materials. First one, already running, is a project focused on industry called HITEMS. One part of this project deals with the determination of the materials used in steel or glass industry. Another three projects are in preparation. One project will be focused on the non destructive methods suitable for defect detection of fibre-reinforced plastic composites for primary load bearing and safety critical applications, such as commercial aircraft, bridges and off-shore platforms. For the defect detections will be used microwave, thermography, laser shearography and ultrasonics. Next project is focused on development of new materials with improved resistance to high temperature particulate erosion. This will be high valuable in the manufacture of power generating plant and aero-engines. The last project is focused on the thermophysical property data for thermal protection materials, such as advanced insulation and composites, which are essential for modelling the heat transfer in aerospace, structural fire safety and processing applications.