LEZHNEV Sergey Karaganda State Industrial University

Development and Improvement of Technologies of Production of Metals and Alloys with Sub-Ultra-Fine-Grain Structure by Intensive Plastic Deformation

Co-authors PANIN Evgeniy

Production of high-strength metal remains one of the urgent tasks of modern materials science. Production of metals with new unique properties can be possible by reducing of grain - obtaining metal with ultra-fine grain. There are several ways of obtaining of ultra-fine-grain structure and one of those ways is method of intensive plastic deformation of metal, implemented in whole volume of deformable workpiece. At department "Plastic metal working" of Karaganda State Industrial University was developed a new combined method of rolling and pressing in equal-channel step die, which in comparison with usual pressing into equal-channel step die ensures the continuity of the process and removes the restrictions on the size of the original workpiece. Essence of deformation method is following. Workpiece which is pre-heated to temperature of the beginning of deformation is applied to forming rolls, which due to contact friction forces captured it in roll gap and output of it is pushed through the channels of equal-channel step die. In this work are presented results of study of advanced technology combined process of "rolling - pressing" using equal-channel step die which has three channels of the same cross-sectional area, two of which (input and output) are parallel to each other, and the average channel is located at an angle to the input and output channels not in two and three dimensions. Using of equal-channel step die with new design increases the efficiency of process, which is improving hardening of intensive plastic deformation, increasing metal using coefficient and reducing work content through constructive performance of pressing channels in die.