PETROVÁ Jana ICT in Prague

System for Image Analysis of Nanostructured Alloys

Co-authors MORAVEC Hynek, MUDROVÁ Martina, JOSKA Luděk

Nanostructured materials are an important part of new technologies in many fields of science. Presented paper deals with images of nanotubes that provide a new way of a surface bioactivation of dental titanium implants. Identification and classification of their properties is a very important part of material quality assessment. In the paper, system for nanostructure image analysis is presented. The system is based on applications of image segmentation methods of image obtained with electrone microscope. It serves for important material parameters’ evaluation: nanotubes diameter, tube wall thickness, and residual space determination. Description and methodology of nanotube creation is presented in the first part of the paper. In the second part, the system of image analysis is introduced and results obtained presented, as well.