FEM Simulation of Strips Cold Rolling in Deform 3D

Co-authors ZEMKO Michal

In this article, the results from the FEM-simulation of cold rolling of strips are described. The FEM-simulation was carried out in DEFORM 3D CAE system. FEM-model for cold rolling process with front and back tension was developed. To describe material behaviour of nickel alloys (NiCrFe, FeNi42 and FeNi47Cu5) in the FEM-simulation, the specific material model was proposed. This material model combines the material data obtained from Rastegaev compression test and the results of thermodynamical calculation from JMatPro software. Rolling parameters for the strip thickness reduction were set in accordance with the real process conditions. During the computation of each roll pass the strip thickness was sequentially reduced from 8 to 0.8 mm. Once the strip thickness reached thickness 2.5 mm in the cross section area the annealing operation was performed. The main results of the FEM-simulation are the increase of strain, damage and temperature in the strip during each roll pass, as well as rolling force. The obtained numerical results were compared to experimental tension tests. The samples for tension tests were taken from the real rolled stripes before and after the annealing operation. The comparison of simulated and experimental data provided feedback on the chosen material model for the FEM-simulation.