ZIMOVČÁK Peter U. S. Steel Kosice Ltd.

Design of Dual Phase Steels with 450 - 600 MPa Strength

Co-authors JUHAR Ľuboš, KUČERA Ivor, GRABAN Juraj

The presented paper deals with proposal of new dual phase steel with strength of 450 – 600 MPa that should be an alternative to conventional microalloyed and re-phosphorized IF grades that are regularly used for car bodies. The proposed dual phase steel grades achieve the mechanical properties’ values that meet the requirements stated in European standards for grades HCT450X and HCT500X. The main alloying elements used to produce hot-dip galvanized steel were Mn, Cr and Mo. The unique properties of the steel predetermine it for use in automotive industry, especially in order to reduce weight, increase the car body toughness, decrease the cost of operating the vehicles and to enhance safety of passengers. The paper analyzes achieved results in respect to chemistry composition, mechanical properties and microstructure.