Ĺ OHAJ Pavel Brno University of Technology

Equilibrium Calculation of Creep-Resistant Steels

Co-authors FORET Rudolf

The creep-resistant steels are one of the most used materials in power industry. The real material is obviously more or less distant from an equilibrium state. During the long-term high temperature exposure of creep-resistant steels there are appropriate conditions for convergence from the non-equilibrium state of material to equilibrium state. But the equilibrium state of material can be, with respect to the application, the undesirable state. In the case of creep-resistant steels the equilibrium state mean loss of creep strength. Knowledge of equilibrium state is important for predictions of service life and reliability of high-temperature components. The paper presents results of calculation of phase equilibrium for austenitic and ferritic creep-resistant steels. The ThermoCalc software was used for calculations. Phase diagrams and activity of alloying elements was calculated for some types of creep-resistant steels. Results were compared with experimental and published data.