KAASELITZ Ludwig Thermo Fisher Scientific

XPS Profiling of Organic/Inorganic Multilayer Systems with a Combined Monoatomic and Gas Cluster Ion Source (MAGCIS)

Co-authors MACK Paul, WHITE Richard G. & NUNNEY Tim

Organic electronic devices are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of applications. These devices are typically composed of complex stacks of thin/ultrathin layers of novel organic or organometallic compounds, together with inorganic materials. The overall electrical behavior of the device is strongly influenced by the electronic properties of the individual organic layers, which in turn are related to the elemental and chemical composition of those layers, but the organic/inorganic interactions at layer interfaces may also have an effect. There is an increasing requirement for compositional profiling of these devices. Traditional methods such as argon monomer ion profiling can result in a high degree of chemical modification during the acquisition of depth profiles for organic materials. Over the last few years, there have been numerous studies and investigations into the use of argon cluster beams for depth profiling with the goal of preserving chemical information during analysis of organic materials. While cluster beams have proven useful for profiling organic materials, it remains necessary to use argon monomer beams for depth profiling of inorganic layers. This talk will present data from a unique, combined monatomic and gas cluster ion source (MAGCIS), able to fully profile complex electronic devices based on mixed organic/inorganic stacks.