Vacuum Induction Furnace at COMTES FHT

Development of new steel-based and non-ferrous metal-based materials requires testing of their physical properties to verify their fitness for particular applications. Materials with exact non-standard chemical compositions can be produced effectively in induction furnaces with inert atmosphere or vacuum protection. COMTES FHT is building a vacuum induction furnace for making 20 – 500 kg ingots with specific chemical compositions. Given the broad range of charge weights, two induction coils and multiple crucibles will be used, depending on the particular metal. The furnace is to be used primarily for various types of steels and nickel alloys, and for aluminium and copper alloys, if required. Essentially, the induction furnace can be used for melting various metals in vacuum, inert atmosphere or under overpressure conditions. It allows alloying and microalloying, as well as continuous sampling to be performed during the melting cycle. Temperatures can be monitored using optical pyrometers and immersion probes. The size and the common melting and casting chamber of the furnace provide for a great variety of die casting processes for wrought metals, as well as casting in sand moulds. At COMTES FHT, the induction furnace opens a door for research into novel non-traditional metallic materials