BÍLEK David Technical University in Liberec

Integration of Ultrasound and Magnetic Methods of Non-destructive Structuroscopy for determination of mechanical properties of graphite cast irons

Co-authors SKRBEK Břetislav

In present days an everlasting press of customers exists concerning documentation of mechanical properties of the castings as such. It can be reached without destructive testing by non-destructive structuroscopy. It enables reliable determination of particular property value of as-measured casting and we are therefore able to sort castings from the point of view of correctness of segregated graphite. Thus the non-destructive structuroscopy becomes a part of internal guarantee of material quality for foundry shop. This paper describes possibility of non-destructive determination of strength of graphite cast iron castings using TELIT structuroscope, which combines both ultrasound and magnetic methods of non-destructive structuroscopy.